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You say jump, we say how high?

Posted by Anthony AMG on August 10, 2012 0 Comments

We all love entertaining in our homes; especially when the sun shows its summery face. The barbecue is smoking away, and the adults are lounging on the garden furniture sipping cold drinks by the dozen. Everyone is happy and chatting away, whilst you cook up several varieties of burgers and sausages on the BBQ. Your gathering seems to be going without a hitch; except for one thing… the kids look bored! No-one ever thinks about the kids when organising barbecues; which leaves them frustrated, and the parents exasperated and having to leave earlier than expected.

This can so easily be avoided with a fabulous trampoline from SimplyPatioFurniture.co.uk. Now you may be thinking that by having a trampoline in your garden, you’re going to have to spend most of your time watching the little ones to make sure they remain safe and uninjured. Well you couldn’t be more wrong. Trampolines nowadays aren’t the rusty spring, unprotected monstrosities they used to be. They’re now built with safety right at the top of the design list; whilst still ensuring the fun of the trampoline remains uncompromised.

Fun bouncer trampolineWith safety nets covering all sides, and barrier to now cover the base of the trampoline as well; making sure smaller children and pets can’t wander underneath during play, you’ll soon be wondering how you hosted a garden party in the past.

Take the Airzone trampoline or the Super Bouncer as an example. These bad boys comes complete with full jump height safety nets; ensuring the kids can jump and play to their hearts content, whilst the adults can carry on with the grown up stuff, whilst safe in the knowledge that they’re pride and joys are out of harm’s way.


Available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes; you’re sure to find the perfect trampoline for your garden or patio this summer at SimplyPatioFurniture.co.uk

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Fold away garden blues

Posted by Anthony AMG on August 02, 2012 0 Comments

Everyone loves the sunshine, and everyone loves sitting in comfort of their own garden. Some of us however are not always graced with the space to have our beloved garden furniture on show all year round.

This doesn’t have to mean you have to suffice with sub-standard minimalistic garden tables and chairs; which barely house one person, let alone a full family. Space should never ever stop you from buying the garden furniture you solely desire; especially when you should outside topping up on doses of Vitamin D during the glorious summer months

Not all is lost. There is always a solution. Therefore, up steps the foldable furniture. Yes they are garden tables and chairs, yes they fold, and yes they ooze fabulousness in exactly the same way as any other static garden furniture. Made in an arrangement of stunning wood, these foldable tables and chairs have been beautifully designed to fold away for easy storage when no longer required; leaving your garden or patio free from space consuming clutter.


Not convinced this is the solution you require? Check out the Manhattan folding 90cm garden table. This beauty not only provides ample space for you, your friends and your family to gather round for some al-fresco dining; but also comes complete with a built in parasol-hole, for those who like the sun shaded from their head. Combine this striking table with a set of Henley folding high back chairs; and you have the only versatile garden furniture set you will ever need.

Once done with your garden set, simply fold up and store away for future use at your convenience.  These convenient garden accessories are guaranteed to wow guests with their easy set-up in blink of an eye.

Everyone has emergency chairs, now’s the time to get some emergency foldable garden tables and chairs from SimplyPatioFurniture.co.uk

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Just lounging about

Posted by Anthony AMG on July 23, 2012 0 Comments

Everyone loves lying down. Whether we’re tired or not; we all like to turn our bedrooms in peaceful relaxation havens, where we can go to get away from the stresses and strains of modern day life.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could extend our bedroom into the garden? Imagine lying down under the beautiful blue sky; making pictures out of passing clouds; whilst taking in the unmistakeable bouquet of freshly cut grass, and glorious flowers in bloom; along with the enchanting chirruping of birds playing in the trees. Nature is one of the greatest relaxation therapies there is; and best of all its free.

With a garden lounger, you really do bring your bedroom outside. This fabulous alternative to the standard garden chair; really does deserve the credit where credit is due. With so many styles, sizes and colours available, the only problem you’ll have is not staying in your garden all night long.

Garden loungers have indeed come a long way since the days of the folding metal nightmares we’ve all experienced as a child. If you haven’t been unsuspectingly been caught in one of these as a child, then you really have gotten away lightly.

chicago super weave garden loungerStill not convinced that you’re missing out on a fantastic addition to your garden or patio; take a look at the magnificent Chicago Super Weave lounger.  This is not just a lounger; it’s a stunning work of art. With thick seat and back cushions lulling you in to unadulterated luxury; all you’ll be missing is your quilt.

If traditional is more your style, have no fear; garden loungers really do come in all shapes and sizes. The Atlanta Folding Lounger is a gorgeous wooden sun lounger which looks like its stepped straight from a Hollywood Hills pool side. It folds, it wheels, and it is simply amazing.

At SimplyPatioFurniture.co.uk the range of Garden Loungers is guaranteed to have to running straight into your garden for the ultimate in lounging luxury. Sharing is of course optional.

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Baby its cold outside

Posted by Anthony AMG on July 17, 2012 0 Comments

Summer’s great isn’t it. Those long balmy evenings; where  you can stay outside with family and friends for longer.  They simply are perfect… if you live in Spain!

The Great British summer has a lot to live up to, and with the sunshine ever decreasing; we’re getting forced indoors a lot sooner than we would like to be.

With the heat quickly fading away, the rise of Vitamin D deficiency cases vastly increases as everyone quickly dashes inside. Yes we all know we need to get outside more; but with the cold chills blowing through our rafters, it’s hard to do so without turning several shades of blue.

If you’re still determined to stay outdoors in the fresh air for longer, without the need of wearing several layers and a hat; then it’s safe to say you’re going to need a patio heater.  Clever I know; these nifty eye-catching heaters heat up in a second it takes to flick a switch, leaving a lovely rosy glow in both you and your guests’ cheeks.

Comfort and warmth is always of the essence when it comes to being outdoors, so with that in mind, up steps the glorified patio heater with its mighty luminosity. You might think these belong in a bar or restaurant terrace; where the general public gather outside to smoke? Well you couldn’t be more wrong. They are creeping into gardens and patios everywhere and impressing the masses with their ability to keep the warmth of summer ever-lasting long into the night.

Cyclops Chillchase patio heater

Take for instance the Cyclops Chillchaser patio heater. Is it a table, or is it a heater? Brilliantly, it’s both! Gather round the table and feel the heat, whilst resting your drinks on the top. Sheer genius.

If you’re after a more traditional style patio heater, have no fear; the Elegance Reflector patio heater ticks all the right boxes. It’s all in a name, and with a title like elegance; you’re guaranteed to always impress with this piece of stainless steel splendour.

Don’t dash inside when the sun goes down. Keep the party going outside with a patio heater from SimplyPatioFurniture.co.uk. Summer is here to stay!

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Sizzling Sausages or Burnt Bangers?

Posted by Anthony AMG on July 16, 2012 0 Comments

I don’t think there’s anyone that doesn’t love a good barbecue. I also don’t think there’s anyone that doesn’t love to sit back and relax whilst some overheated, under-assisted person does all the hard work.

Sadly the constant cry for more sausages is often the burden every BBQ enthusiast has to bear.

Barbecues need to stay fun, and the only way to do that is with a fabulous new barbecue burner. You might scoff and insist you can manage with your small portable charcoal grill; that takes hours to heat up, and seconds to burn your burgers. Why would you even compromise catering for your barbecue on a sub-standard 12inch grill?

Barbecue burners are the future, and at SimplyPatioFurniture.co.uk, the range is that impressive; you’ll be wondering how you weren’t the laughing stock of the neighbourhood a long time ago.

connoisseur 5 burner barbecueTake the magnificent Connoisseur Pro 5 Burner for example. This stunning burner simply screams “Barbecue” from every angle; leaving you wanting to grab your apron and cooking tongs even in the rain.  With four - yes four grills, a rear infra-red burner, and enough storage space to feed a small army; you’re going to have to get the emergency chairs out next time you announce a garden barbecue.

Don’t get me wrong, yes I back the gas barbecue burner’s corner; however cooking on a single grill still has its advantages as well. Cosy couple barbecues after work can be just as efficient on a portable charcoal grill. With such a huge range of barbecues available, you can still knock the socks of your guests with a bright and funky Grill Chef barbecue. These bad boys are colourful, fun and can be taken anywhere!

Grab your other-half and head of to the park for a romantic barbecue, instead of slumping in front of the TV. I guaranteed it’ll earn you extra brownie points!

The sun has got its hat on; so if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen… and into the garden with SimplyPatioFurniture.co.uk

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Put the Swing back into your Garden This Summer!

Posted by Anthony AMG on June 20, 2012 0 Comments

With summertime well and truly underway, you want your garden to be looking its best. There’s nothing better than returning home from work on a summer’s evening to a beautiful and picturesque garden and we have the perfect product that will make your summer garden dreams come true. Our new selection of garden and patio furniture is perfect for those summer months!

Garden swing seats are an increasingly popular choice amongst garden lovers. Perfect for unwinding on those summer evenings, you can gently sway as your troubles drift from your mind and body. Expertly designed and versatile enough to match any existing layout, our garden swing seats promise to add a slice of luxury to your home. You don’t even have to worry about the British Weather. We have already sorted that out for you. While we can’t promise there’ll be sunshine every day, our products are created with the seasons in mind; don’t fret about the rain, your garden swing seat will be waiting for you as good as new.

Innovative, striking and incredibly comfortable, you could be the envy of your friends and neighbours at an exceptionally affordable price. Our majestic and highly impressive garden swing seats could really bring a taste of the high life to your door and is large enough for the family to enjoy. 

With our extensive selection of garden swing seats, you no longer have to leave your home in search of paradise. We will bring it to you. All you have to do is find the product you like the most, wait for its delivery and enjoy its lavishness. What more could you possibly want? 

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