Sizzling Sausages or Burnt Bangers?

Posted on July 16 2012

I don’t think there’s anyone that doesn’t love a good barbecue. I also don’t think there’s anyone that doesn’t love to sit back and relax whilst some overheated, under-assisted person does all the hard work.

Sadly the constant cry for more sausages is often the burden every BBQ enthusiast has to bear.

Barbecues need to stay fun, and the only way to do that is with a fabulous new barbecue burner. You might scoff and insist you can manage with your small portable charcoal grill; that takes hours to heat up, and seconds to burn your burgers. Why would you even compromise catering for your barbecue on a sub-standard 12inch grill?

Barbecue burners are the future, and at, the range is that impressive; you’ll be wondering how you weren’t the laughing stock of the neighbourhood a long time ago.

connoisseur 5 burner barbecueTake the magnificent Connoisseur Pro 5 Burner for example. This stunning burner simply screams “Barbecue” from every angle; leaving you wanting to grab your apron and cooking tongs even in the rain.  With four - yes four grills, a rear infra-red burner, and enough storage space to feed a small army; you’re going to have to get the emergency chairs out next time you announce a garden barbecue.

Don’t get me wrong, yes I back the gas barbecue burner’s corner; however cooking on a single grill still has its advantages as well. Cosy couple barbecues after work can be just as efficient on a portable charcoal grill. With such a huge range of barbecues available, you can still knock the socks of your guests with a bright and funky Grill Chef barbecue. These bad boys are colourful, fun and can be taken anywhere!

Grab your other-half and head of to the park for a romantic barbecue, instead of slumping in front of the TV. I guaranteed it’ll earn you extra brownie points!

The sun has got its hat on; so if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen… and into the garden with

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