Baby its cold outside

Posted on July 17 2012

Summer’s great isn’t it. Those long balmy evenings; where  you can stay outside with family and friends for longer.  They simply are perfect… if you live in Spain!

The Great British summer has a lot to live up to, and with the sunshine ever decreasing; we’re getting forced indoors a lot sooner than we would like to be.

With the heat quickly fading away, the rise of Vitamin D deficiency cases vastly increases as everyone quickly dashes inside. Yes we all know we need to get outside more; but with the cold chills blowing through our rafters, it’s hard to do so without turning several shades of blue.

If you’re still determined to stay outdoors in the fresh air for longer, without the need of wearing several layers and a hat; then it’s safe to say you’re going to need a patio heater.  Clever I know; these nifty eye-catching heaters heat up in a second it takes to flick a switch, leaving a lovely rosy glow in both you and your guests’ cheeks.

Comfort and warmth is always of the essence when it comes to being outdoors, so with that in mind, up steps the glorified patio heater with its mighty luminosity. You might think these belong in a bar or restaurant terrace; where the general public gather outside to smoke? Well you couldn’t be more wrong. They are creeping into gardens and patios everywhere and impressing the masses with their ability to keep the warmth of summer ever-lasting long into the night.

Cyclops Chillchase patio heater

Take for instance the Cyclops Chillchaser patio heater. Is it a table, or is it a heater? Brilliantly, it’s both! Gather round the table and feel the heat, whilst resting your drinks on the top. Sheer genius.

If you’re after a more traditional style patio heater, have no fear; the Elegance Reflector patio heater ticks all the right boxes. It’s all in a name, and with a title like elegance; you’re guaranteed to always impress with this piece of stainless steel splendour.

Don’t dash inside when the sun goes down. Keep the party going outside with a patio heater from Summer is here to stay!

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