Fold away garden blues

Posted on August 02 2012

Everyone loves the sunshine, and everyone loves sitting in comfort of their own garden. Some of us however are not always graced with the space to have our beloved garden furniture on show all year round.

This doesn’t have to mean you have to suffice with sub-standard minimalistic garden tables and chairs; which barely house one person, let alone a full family. Space should never ever stop you from buying the garden furniture you solely desire; especially when you should outside topping up on doses of Vitamin D during the glorious summer months

Not all is lost. There is always a solution. Therefore, up steps the foldable furniture. Yes they are garden tables and chairs, yes they fold, and yes they ooze fabulousness in exactly the same way as any other static garden furniture. Made in an arrangement of stunning wood, these foldable tables and chairs have been beautifully designed to fold away for easy storage when no longer required; leaving your garden or patio free from space consuming clutter.

Not convinced this is the solution you require? Check out the Manhattan folding 90cm garden table. This beauty not only provides ample space for you, your friends and your family to gather round for some al-fresco dining; but also comes complete with a built in parasol-hole, for those who like the sun shaded from their head. Combine this striking table with a set of Henley folding high back chairs; and you have the only versatile garden furniture set you will ever need.

Once done with your garden set, simply fold up and store away for future use at your convenience.  These convenient garden accessories are guaranteed to wow guests with their easy set-up in blink of an eye.

Everyone has emergency chairs, now’s the time to get some emergency foldable garden tables and chairs from

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