Explorer Lifestyle Barrel Charcoal Barbecue

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Product Details

The Lifestyle Explorer barbecues are not only stunning, but perfect for the long summer days in the garden.

The Explorer charcoal barrel barbecue comes with sufficient space for grilling, enabling you to cater with ease for those sunny BBQ parties.

Manufactured from stainless steel with a double chrome grill, the Explorer barrel charcoal barbecue can be cleaned with ease; ensuring this beautiful piece of grilling equipment continues to wow for many years to come.

Lifestyle Barbecues are the must have accessory for the summer.


  • Dimensions: L:380mm x H:330mm
  • Cooking Height: 180mm
  • Barrel BBQ: with double grill cooking surface.
  • Stainless Steel: rivoted construction for durability.
  • Double Grill: bbq opens up for twice the cooking area.
  • Grill Size: 35cm x 22.5cm (x2)
  • Wooden: carry handle for easy mobility.
  • Lockable: lid to aid transport.
  • Air Flow: openings control the air available to the coals

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