Trailblazer Mini BBQ



Product Details

The Trailblazer BBQ is a one of a kind, leaving it unrivaled in the marketplace!

The opportunities are endless due to the lightweight frame allowing you to transport the Trailblazer practically anywhere. The unique features such as the gull wing doors are designed to protect against all weathers, this coupled with its grill power makes it a popular choice for any event.

The ideal BBQ cooking experience whether it is for small groups or if you want to get the family BBQ out on the road. The large surface area and controllable heat optimizes every aspect of cookery meaning you could cook up to 150 burgers per hour or add some finesse with a steak.


  • Cooking surface for up to 24 burgers at any time
  • Instantly controllable heat 
  • All internal surfaces are made of stainless steel
  • Angle adjustment for uneven ground
  • Easy to clean - No dirty or burnt hands
  • Compact and completely enclosed 
  • 320 litres of lockable weather protected storage
  • Up to 4 people can cook at any one time
  • Gull wing doors
  • Innovative scraper blade system collects ash for easy disposal
  • 3 cooking bays
  • Adjustable grill tray
  • Warming tray
  • Hygienic stainless steal surfaces for side dishes, food prep etc
  • Fully integrated lighting - Road legal 
  • Adjustable jockey wheel


  • Total Length: 1615 cm
  • Total Width:  cm
  • Total Height: 1732 cm
  • Grill Area: 1400 cm x 762 cm 
  • Warming Tray: 1400 cm x 358 cm 

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